Friday, June 15, 2007

Office Picks - Top Funny Reads For Summer

If you're looking to wash away the stress of work on your summer vacation there is no better way than with a great, belly-laugh inducing, book.

A quick office poll brought out some of our favourite funnies--whether playful, dark, satirical, or absurd--the PGC list offers something for everyone's palate.

In no particular order:

I Love You More Than You Know by Jonathan Ames
978-0-8021-7017-0 * In Stock * $17.50 pb
Grove Press/Black Cat

Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy O'Toole
978-0-8021-3020-4 * In Stock * $20.95 pb
Grove Press

Animals of the Ocean, In Particular the Giant Squid by Doris Hagis-on-Whey
978-1-932416-39-8 * In Stock * $23.00 cl

Mother's Milk by Edward St. Aubyn
978-1-890447-42-7 * In Stock * $17.50 pb
Grove Press

Hold Me Closer Tony Danza: And Other Mishead Lyrics by Charles Grosvenor Jr.
978-1-57061-533-7 * Coming This Fall * $15.95 pb
Sasquatch Books

Turpentine by Spring Warren
978-0-8021-7036-1 * Coming This Fall * $17.50 pb
Grove/Black Cat

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zhen's mama said...

Be sure to get Turpentine by Spring Warren! Congratulations again my friend!