Thursday, March 12, 2009

Favourite New Fiction

Absolutely loving the latest fiction release from Black Cat!

Book of Clouds by Chloe Aridjis is beautifully written and brings us on an intimate journey through the streets of Berlin. Our guide, Tatiana, is a quiet, dreamy young woman and as you follow her aimless wanderings into the employment of a curious old man it's hard to imagine where the story is taking you. But it doesn't matter - her writing is so compelling that you want to keep reading no matter where Tatiana is headed!

“Exquisitely written, Book of Clouds is a perfect Berlin story for our unsettled times, and a remarkable debut.” —Francisco Goldman

“A stirring and lyrical first novel by a young writer of immense talent.” —Paul Auster

“Chloe Aridjis writes with a fine-tuned sensitivity and a captivating charm. Her universe is offbeat, rich, and disturbing in equal measure—but always utterly compelling.” —Tom McCarthy, author of Remainder

978-0-8021-7056-9 * $18.00 Paper

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