Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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New titles this month

My Life With Sudden Death by Michael Downing

Michael's father died suddenly when he was three. In 2003 one of his brothers died suddenly. No autopsy was performed. Alarmed, Downing pursued a diagnosis: he had inherited a mutant protein from his father, and the first symptom would be his sudden death. To save his life, a defibrillator was hard-wired to his heart. Within weeks, he needed emergency surgery to remove the device and the life-threatening infection he got with it. Two months later, he was re-implanted — only to read in his morning newspaper that the new wires anchored to his heart were prone to failure. His device might be powerless, or it might deliver a series of unwarranted, possibly fatal, shocks.

From a bedeviled boyhood in the Berkshires to a grim comedy of errors in one of Boston’s best hospitals, Life with Sudden Death is a wild ride.

Published by Counterpoint

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