Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Books that Raise Awareness for Young People

It is possible to introduce young readers to serious subject matter if done with skill and talent.

Tradewind Books has published two books this summer that will engage, educate and entertain your young reader.

Honey Cake
by Joan Betty Stuchner, illustrated by Cynthia Nugent

A Jewish family is forced to flee the Nazis after the Danish occupation in 1943. The story is told through the eyes of the son, young David Nathan.

From the Quill and Quire:
"How does one stand against tyranny? What’s the true nature of bravery? Big questions for an early-reader chapter book, but Joan Betty Stuchner handles them with grace and honesty." Click here for full review.

978-1-896580-37-1 * 19.95 cloth * In stock

The Eco-Diary of Kiran Singer
by Sue Ann Alderson, illustrated by Millie Balance

A young girl chronicles her encounters, through poetry and journal entries, with her grandmother and the "Crazy Boggers" trying to preserve the 2000 year-old Camosum Bog. The Bog is brought to life through charming, rich illustrations.

"The book happily introduces children to the urgent concerns of saving the earth, by starting with a child's eye view of one cherished part of it." - X.J. Kennedy, winner of the National Council of Teachers of English Award for Excellence in Children's Poetry

978-1-896580-47-0 * 18.95 cloth * In stock

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