Monday, July 9, 2007

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Chasing Kangaroos
A Continent, a Scientist, and a Search for the World's Most Extraordinary Creature

By Tim Flannery

978-0-8021-1852-3 * $29.95 cloth * In stock

From the internationally acclaimed author of The Weather Makers comes a panoramic book about a scientist, a continent, and a beloved and intriguing animal: the kangaroo

"Chasing Kangaroos is almost unclassifiable. It is partly about Flannery’s formative years as a palaeontologist, partly a natural history of the Australian landscape, and partly a study of the evolution of kangaroos, which, I know, sounds like three reasons not to read it. In fact, from beginning to end it is absorbing, funny, and wondrously learned." — Bill Bryson, author of A Walk in the Woods

"Australian scientist/conservationist/explorer Flannery tells the remarkable story of underappreciated marsupials thriving Down Under…. Quite exhaustive, fired by boundless exuberance that leaps off the page." ––Kirkus Reviews

"Having given us a real fright about global warming in The Weather Makers, Australian author Flannery hops right to it and tells us everything we wanted to know about kangaroos." ––Library Journal

"Written with both earthy humor and scientific precision, this book is almost as unique as its subject…. Readers who start out thinking that Flannery’s mania for marsupials is a bit nerdy will soon envy his passion so much that they’ll feel like they’re the real nerd themselves. This delightful journey of discovery will appeal to fans of Bill Bryson and Mark Kurlansky."––Keir Graff, Booklist

"Tim Flannery provides a fascinating account of the kangaroo’s evolution and a natural ode to his beautiful homeland, Australia."—Chicago Tribune

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