Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How Not To Date - Perfect Anti-Valentine's Day Gift

This hilarious little book covers all the basics:

*How not to date a cheater
*What not to state in a personal ad
*The escalating levels of crazy
*Bad pickup lines
*How not to date a porn star
*And much, much more

Judy McGuire provides a story (either a personal one or from the hundreds submitted to her advice blog) for almost every possible bad date scenario you can think of - from the downright silly to the well.. disgusting, nasty, creepy, and ridiculous.

An excerpt on hygiene:
"Ned had messy bleach blond hair, giant bright blue eyes, and the air of a lost puppy . . . . Unfortunately, Ned was also so hygiene-impaired that I regularly made him leave his shoes out on the fire escape when he came for sleepover visits. Ned was a vegan and fancied himself an anarchist punk rocker. Translation: He got all sanctimonious if I dared to eat meat in front of him, and believe me, I dared. Because leather was off limits, he wore vinyl pants instead. Do you have any idea how gnarly sweaty vinyl smells? No? I'll do you a favor and spare you the description."

What a perfect anti-valentine's day gift!

978-1-57061-532-0 * $18.50 paper * Sasquatch Books

Available at fine bookstores everywhere.

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