Thursday, February 28, 2008

Million Dollar Mischa

Mischa Barton, the former O.C. actress, was photographed last week on the set of her current movie, The Homecoming, holding a copy of Million Dollar Bash: Bob Dylan, The Band, and the Basement Tape by Sid Griffin. It was published last October by Jawbone Press.

Will the recent film I'm Not There along with this star sighting launch the book the same way Posh Spice launched Skinny Bitch to the top of the bestseller lists?

While it may be a boost to sales, Bob Dylan is likely not as big a draw as fad dieting and Posh Spice. We're just happy to see Hollywood stars set examples as avid readers!

Million Dollar Bash by Sid Griffin * Jawbone Press
978-1-906002-05-3 * $21.50 Paper * In stores

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